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Web Design + Development

Your website is the headquarters of your organization’s digital presence. It’s where your mission has the space to fully come to life, your team has the microphone to share important news and campaigns, and your supporters have the power to take action through registrations, donations, and social connections.

But because the goals for your website can often be complex, we work to understand not only your organization’s needs, but also those of your audience—and combine information architecture, content strategy, user experience, and visual design to develop and launch a seamless finished product. From full website redesigns and large scale content migrations to more targeted updates and ongoing maintenance, we’ll work with you and your team to develop the right solution to help move your website, and your mission, forward.

Featured Web Design + Development Work

Web Design + Development

Reach donors, raise awareness for your organization

Website Audit

An in-depth review of your existing website, assessing content, navigation, site analytics, and conversion tracking. Based on our audit we will share findings in terms of opportunity areas for redesign efforts to best make an impact – this may include UX, design, content and message analysis and recommendations.

Content Strategy + Information Architecture

By understanding your content, audiences, and goals, we’ll define the user journeys based on audience segment needs, and recommend a sitemap structure that provides an effective and intuitive navigation experience that is optimized to your visitor’s goals. We will also provide recommendations for the most streamlined and effective approach to the content in your experience.

User Experience Design

We’ll tailor your page layouts, modules and functionality to fit your requirements. Depending on your needs, we can prototype design in an agile approach through customizing themes, or producing full user experience wireframes to define each interaction in full detail.

Visual Design

Anytime you shift your internal brand positioning, you also need to shift the external language you’re using to to articulate your mission on a day-to-day basis. With a solid understanding of your organizations’ various audiences, we’ll map out the different messaging approaches your brand can use to connect with each of them: addressing their needs, giving them reasons to believe, and developing the storylines and content approaches that will resonate with them best

Development + Testing

By gaining a full understanding of all of your requirements, we’ll prioritize, plan, and execute front-end and backend development tasks in the appropriate platform for your project.

We work to follow best practices whether you have accessibility or mobile responsiveness as a priority. Regular reviews and check-ins will help ensure you have visibility into our process the whole way through. We’ll QA test everything before we deliver and ensure cross-browser / device support is in place.


Content Copywriting

If you need help with words, we got you. Our copywriting team will capture your voice and tone and translate it to copy that will help your visitors understand your mission, goals, and action needed to achieve them.

Platform Integrations

No single platform—including your website—works alone to achieve all of your goals. To make sure your digital ecosystem is functioning on all cylinders, our technology team can implement and update the third-party integrations you need capture user data, track conversions, share social content, or fuel your fundraising efforts, maximizing the impact of tools like Google Analytics, Yoast, JetPack or anything else your site needs to function to its optimal level.


Visibility on Search Engines results helps your target audience to discover your organization and increases organic traffic to your website. We’ll conduct a content and technical audit as well as keyword research and competitive analysis. Based on the research and our analysis we recommend an optimization plan, consisting of on-page optimizations and new content recommendations, including writing meta descriptions, alt text and other adjustments to help ensure you’re at peak readiness for search engines eager to crawl.