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Google Ad Grants Management

Google Ad Grants represents one of the biggest opportunities in nonprofit marketing: $10,000 in free advertising translates into thousands of new visitors to your website each month, *if* your account is managed effectively.

At Media Cause, we have been managing Ad Grant accounts for nonprofits for over 10 years. Our team of Ad Grant experts can help you drive more awareness about your cause, grow your email list, recruit volunteers, generate event registrations, or attract new donors.

We Are a Google Certified Partner

Many agencies work with Google, but we are one of the few who is a certified Google Ad Grants partner, giving us the inside track on how to maximize your spend for the greatest reach, efficiency and impact.

Why We’re Different

Unlike other agencies that focus solely on clicks, we focus on driving towards meaningful actions on your website — like joining your email list, making a donation, signing up to volunteer, and more. We achieve this by building strategic campaigns that target the right people, at the right time, and with the right messages to move them to take action and join your cause.

Google Ad Grants Management Work

Google Ad Grants Management

Reach donors, raise awareness for your organization

Account Setup + Activation

Don’t have a Google Ad Grant? Is your account inactive? No problem!

We will help your organization apply or reinstate your grant. Then, we will ensure your account is set up for success—making sure your account is meeting all of Google’s compliance rules

Strategy + Content Creation

Our first order of business is understanding the current “health” of your Google Ad Grant. We’ll conduct a Google Ad Grant Health Report, with scorecard and recommendations for how to improve your account.

Next, we’ll review historical performance in AdWords, and analyze Google Analytics data to understand how that traffic performed on your website in order to inform overall strategy and optimizations.

Ad + Campaign Creation

We’ll develop and incorporate new ads and campaigns within your account to coincide with organizational goals and campaign initiatives.

Keyword Research

We’ll conduct keyword research to understand the current landscape and find opportunities to reach new, targeted audiences. Then, we will rebuild the account with keywords and matching ad copy based on your currently available content.

Account Optimization

Regularly monitor and adjust campaigns to maximize your Grant and drive high-value traffic to your website. Optimizations include adding or pausing keywords, editing ad copy, adjusting bids and budgets, and more.

Tracking + Reporting

Before we dive into any Ad Grant, we’ll work with you to ensure that all conversion tracking is in place.

Every month, you will receive important updates about your account, data visualizations, analysis, and key takeaways about how your Grant is performing in driving qualified and engaged leads to your website.