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Creative Strategy + Design

Unexpected ideas, human-centered storytelling, and attention-grabbing designs have the power to not only spark thoughts and emotions but also drive tangible action. 

The key is understanding how to utilize each of the elements for the greatest possible impact. Combining strategy and insights into creative campaigns. Crafting concepts and narratives that build connections. Combining color, typography, movement, and messaging to turn information into inspiration. Each one of these components are important on their own—but together, they build the creative ecosystem of ideas, content, and activations that move your mission forward.

Featured Creative Strategy + Design Work

Creative Strategy + DesignWork

Reach donors, raise awareness for your organization

Integrated Creative Campaigns

Big ideas can move mountains, but don’t always require mountain-sized budgets. Based on insights about your organization, your audiences, your issue space, and your goals, we’ll develop the cross-channel concepts, campaigns, and activations that tap into what matters most to your supporters—so they can help impact what matters most to you. examine other organizations in and around your issue space, and bring all our discoveries together into a thoughtful strategy that informs the direction of your brand.

Digital + Print Collateral

The saying is true: you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why thoughtful design is so important across all your communications. Whether you need a 1-pager to connect with potential funders, letterhead to represent your new brand, or a poster to drive excitement for an upcoming event, we’ll tap into our decades of design experience and keen attention-to-detail to elevate your work.

​Content Strategy, Copywriting, + Creative Storytelling

What makes the difference between words we simply read, and ones that compel us to act? Empathy, emotion, and personal relevance. These three qualities impact the effectiveness of all your communications, from the navigation and user flow of your website to the stories of impact and calls-to-action in your social content and emails. That’s why it’s critical to work with a team that knows how to blend both the strategic, and creative, sides of the craft. Because content and copy aren’t just words—they’re the catalysts for connecting with supporters and inspiring everything that comes next.

Paid Ads + Organic Content

Sometimes you need help with developing the right banner campaign or social media content strategy to meet your goals. Other times, you know exactly where you’re headed, but need an extra set of hands to get there. No matter which situation you’re in, we’ll collaborate with your team to develop and design all the assets you need for both your paid and organic efforts, creating concepts, visuals, and messaging that are tailored to each audience to drive the greatest interest and click-through.

Email + Landing Page Design

The most effective marketing and creative efforts take your supporters’ entire journey into account—delivering a cohesively designed and written pathway for them to discover, click, and deepen their relationship with your work and your mission. With this in mind, we’ll develop the email and landing page templates, designs, copy, and content you need to create seamless user experiences across all your digital touchpoints.

Infographic, Illustrations, + Animations

Static pictures are great at conveying a message or a feeling—but infographics, illustrations, and animations have the ability to tell a more complete story in the same quick, snackable format. By developing custom concepts and shareable designs that cut through the clutter, we’ll help you inform, inspire, and engage your audiences, every step of the way

Video + Audio Production

We know how powerful the combination of thoughtfully-crafted narratives, immersive sound, and beautifully-designed visuals can be—especially when you’re trying to distill complex concepts into understandable ideas.

From original, full-scale filming and production, to editing existing clips for your website, social channels, or paid campaigns, our team will plan, design and produce the audio and video content that meets your goals and inspires your audiences.