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More than a logo, a headline, or an image, your organization’s brand is built on a complex set of emotions, ideas, perceptions, and experiences that tell the story of who you are and what you stand for. To connect with the hearts and minds of your audience, and inspire them to act, it’s critical to make sure this story is communicated clearly and consistently throughout every organizational touchpoint—from your mission statement, brand positioning and visual identity, to design systems, creative campaigns, and activations. Whether you’re building your brand from scratch, or looking to take your impact to the next level, ​we have the insight, experience, and award-winning credentials to make it happen.

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Branding Work

Reach donors, raise awareness for your organization

Brand Strategy: Discovery, Research, and Insights

To better understand the context and considerations that shape your current positioning challenges, we’ll start a research-based Discovery phase and work from the inside out. We’ll start with a deep-dive on your organization, then uncover insights about your audience’s needs, behaviors, barriers, and beliefs. We’ll also examine other organizations in and around your issue space, and bring all our discoveries together into a thoughtful strategy that informs the direction of your brand.

Brand Positioning and Rebranding

Name, mission, values, beliefs, personality, voice, taglines, and personas: they’re the critical building blocks of your organization’s positioning, and a foundational step in crafting a powerful, relevant brand. Whether you’re looking to rename your organization to create a stronger connection with your issue and audience, or need to develop more consistent brand language to get internal and external stakeholders on the same page, we’ll help you craft a “once source of truth” to guide your mission and messaging across every platform

​Logos, Visual Identity, Collateral Design

Your logo is by no means the full measure of your organization, but it is your handshake and first impression. Based on your positioning, personality, audiences, and goals, we’ll explore a variety of options for visually communicating who you are and what you stand for—exploring the facets of color, type, composition, and design to achieve your impact. Once your new logo and overall visual style are defined, we’ll create or update your Brand Guidelines document to ensure consistent usage, and develop the collateral and communications materials you need to communicate across all channels.

Brand Messaging & Storytelling

Anytime you shift your internal brand positioning, you also need to shift the external language you’re using to to articulate your mission on a day-to-day basis. With a solid understanding of your organizations’ various audiences, we’ll map out the different messaging approaches your brand can use to connect with each of them: addressing their needs, giving them reasons to believe, and developing the storylines and content approaches that will resonate with them best

​Integrated Creative Campaigns

Big ideas have the power to move mountains, but don’t always require mountain-sized budgets. We build our creative campaigns on a solid foundation of insight and empathy—getting into the minds and hearts of your audience to understand what makes them tick, then developing ​unexpected concepts and initiatives to inspire their actions​. From social media campaigns to cross-channel activations, and brand building to fundraising, it all starts with an insight, an idea, and the experience to bring it all together.

Video Content

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. We know how powerful the combination of compelling narrative, thoughtfully-designed visuals, and shareable digital moments can be, especially when you’re trying to distill complex concepts into understandable ideas, or cut through the clutter in a crowded social media environment. From original, full-scale productions to editing short clips for your website or Instagram page, we’ll plan, design and produce a video that meets your goals and inspires your audiences.

Experiences + Events​

Sometimes, the most compelling way to motivate and inspire your audience is to connect with them in real life, giving them tangible opportunities to learn, to develop relationships, and see firsthand how their involvement makes all the difference. With your organization’s mission and audiences in mind, we’ll help create the perfect experience​—from developing the overall concept to finding the right location, and creating promotional materials to leading social amplification and post-event reporting. It’s all part of our work to bring your supporters together to amplify your mission.

Website Design + Copywriting

While functionality is the practical foundation of a successful website, intuitive user experience, compelling visual design, and engaging content are the the biggest factors in establishing trust and credibility—and turning passive visitors into active supporters. By working with our creative team to effectively communicate your mission, explain complex ideas, and develop design and content that resonates on a personal level, we’re able to ensure your site not only provides information, but also builds long-lasting audience relationships.