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Advocacy comes in many forms, and the approaches can differ depending on your issue, your audiences, and your intended outcomes. From grassroots organizing to grass-tops outreach, we work to connect, inspire and motivate key individuals and influencers to create systemic change. And it doesn’t stop there–once we activate your core supporters, we’ll identify other groups who have the interest and potential to amplify your impact, and bring them into your community through a comprehensive social media and email strategy, local events, and digital campaigns.

When you partner with Media Cause, you get access to a full-service agency—a team of experts who are passionate about making change for good. 44% of our team have worked at a non-profit, and 23% actively sit on a board or are part of a board fellowship. We get you, and we’re in this with you.

Let’s team up and shift the balance of power toward justice—together.

Featured Advocacy Work

Featured Advocacy Work

Reach donors, raise awareness for your organization

Clear And Compelling Communications

Let us help you de-wonk your issue and craft communications that resonate and reframe your message in a smart—but never simplistic—way.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

We’ll dig into any previous campaigns, looking at platforms, audiences, content, tactics and timing, to understand and analyze their effectiveness in driving results. marketing opportunities.

Audience Insights

If you create for everyone, you create for no one. We’ll take a deep dive and discover who your audience is and how being involved with you and your cause can help them be who they want to be.

Integrated Campaigns

You’ve said it again and again. But how can you say it in an even better way and engage new audiences on new levels? We’re here to help you create campaigns that make your issue fresh and relevant. From strategy to collateral, to execution, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Mobilization

Maybe you already have a big base of supporters, or maybe you’re just starting to build your network. Either way, our team is here to help you take advantage of the latest tools and strategies to equipping your people to champion your cause in their communities.

Volunteer Communications

Your volunteers are the exponential factor for your movement—but only if they have what they need to be leaders in their communities. We’re here to help you create the resources you need to power a powerful people movement.